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V I P'S!

The Very Important Paws Reward Scheme!

If you bring your dog/cat for a hydrobath or full groom every 4 weeks or less

you will receive the add on Pamper Package COMPLETELY FREE (worth £8) along side your following full groom or bath!

This Includes 4 Spa Treatments: 
*Blueberry Snout Scrub
*Tear Stain Treatment
*Fresh Breath Gel
*Paw Soak


To book your dog or cat in for regular grooming appointments call 01562638241 or message us now!


At Cuts4Scruffs we do everything we can to provide a safe and calm environment to allow your pet to enjoy the grooming experience:


  1. We NEVER use cages as we believe this can be extremely stressful for some animals and a very unfamiliar experience for them. When waiting for the owner to collect the pet, we let them have a lie down on a comfy bed, play with toys, or have a cuddle - whatever they prefer. 

  2. We have created a calm environment by playing spa music and diffusing relaxing scents. We do also offer '1 to 1' days with a single groomer for nervous, elderly, or special needs pets. Having other strange dogs/cats around your pet can be extremely stressful for those with extra needs. Your pet will be happy and relaxed being pampered by themselves or re-assured by the presence of the other family pets.

  3. We know that every single pet is different and therefore we treat every pet in the way that is best for them. We have worked with lots of different pets from playful puppies to grumpy cats, from nervous rescue dogs to deaf/blind geriatrics and we know that each of them needs a very different grooming environment, that we do our best to provide through TLC.

  4. We aim for our furry customers to see us as their friend and hopefully look forward to returning for a groom instead of being scared. Whilst grooming we give them one to one attention, plenty of fuss/treats, and a calm atmosphere to keep them relaxed. We never use restraints or muzzles unless we need to, meaning your pet can chill out and lie down on our grooming table whilst being groomed. We also use head hoodies to block out the noise and air from hairdryers for dogs who are scared as this helps them relax.


Here's Brian, one of our more nervous customers, falling asleep as Zoe grooms him!

Dog Groomer

Special Packages

These packages can be completely tailored to suit your dog for their special day!

Half Spa Day £79 (2nd Dog Half Price)

3 Hours worth of spa treatments with a 1 to 1 therapist. Allow your pet to fully relax and reap the benefits of a day at the spa! Throughout their treatments, calming classical music will be played as-well as aromatherapy oils defused into the room. Products/Treatments from our spa range are chosen specifically for your dogs needs e.g. dry skin, long silky coat, nervousness etc. Morning or afternoon slots available.

Full Spa Day £152 (2nd Dog Half Price)

6 Hours worth of spa treatments with a 1 to 1 therapist. To start their exciting day, your dog will be taken for a 30 minute fun run or relaxing stroll to the local park. We shall then return to the salon where your dog will be given a good scrub in our aromatherapy hydrobath, as well as any spa treatments you have selected such as a deep conditioner or mud mask. Its then time for a light lunch of premium grain-free dog food and mineral water, before taking a quick nap in our comfy dog beds or a play with the toys with no cages in sight! Your dog will be woken by calming classical music to prepare them for their 1 to 1 groom, with extra spa treatments and products used. We will trim/style your dog’s fur however you would like as well as any special requests such as long lasting perfume. After your dog’s spa day is complete they will receive a bow for their hair or collar to complete their look. They can then relax in their luxury playpen to await your return. After cuddles and kisses they will be sent home with a gift bag full of treats and surprises, as well as a money off voucher for their next visit. Pictures of their day at the spa will then be uploaded to our Facebook page for you to see how much they enjoyed themselves! 


Here's Brian, one of our more nervous customers, falling asleep as Zoe grooms him!

Cat Groomer
Spa Treatments


All prices depend on breed, temperament and coat condition.

Please Contact Us For Quote


Nail Clip £10

Nails trimmed


Eyes and Ears

Eyes cleansed and Ears cleaned

15 Min Brush Out 

Brushing out coat for 15 mins for maintenance or malting breeds. Does not include de-matting or undercoat removal.

Hydrobath & Dry
Shampoo and fluff dry.


Full Groom 

Based on breed. Shampoo, dry, brush, trim of the coat, ears cleaned, eyes cleansed, nails trimmed, dog cologne.


Under 6 months old, pampering for your little one to allow them to get used to grooming.

Cat Grooming 

Services ranging from a nail trim or brush out to a full groom or haircut. Dry and wet bathing optional.

Pamper Package +£8 
(FREE for our VIPs; pets who visit us every 4 weeks or less for a hydrobath or groom, scroll to bottom of page for more info)

  • Blueberry Snout Scrub

  • Tear Stain Treatment

  • Fresh Breath Gel

  • Paw Soak

Dead Sea Salt Scrub +£8

Draws toxins from the skin, relieves itching and eliminates dandruff. Must be booked alongside a bath or groom.

Mineral Mud Shampoo +£8

Deodorises, Soothes and Moisturises. 

Must be booked alongside a bath or groom.

Butter Wash +£8

Hydrates, exfoliates and moisturises. Great for dogs that have flaky, dry skin to remove the dead layer and enable better hydration and healthy cell renewal. Long lasting scent of milk and honey. Must be booked alongside a bath or groom.

Intensive Mud Mask +£28

Repels fleas and ticks, relieves skin irritation, facilitates moulting and aids circulation. 

Must be booked alongside a bath or groom.

Revitalising Mineral Rub & Heated Towel Wrap +£13

Ideal for pets with dry, flaky skin. Cleanses, moisturises & restores suppleness to skin and strength to fur. It also helps protect hairless areas, so is great for breeds like the Chinese Crested or Mexican Hairless.

Relaxation Massage £23

Relieves stress, anxiety and fatigue. Perfect for agility dogs with tired muscles or elderly dogs with joint issues.

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Please click HERE for more information on our teeth cleaning services!


Spa Treatments

Cuts4Scruffs Logo
Hownd Face Mask Dog
Hownd Paw Hemp B and A.jpg

Hownd Soothing & Healing Paw/Nose Wax
Hownd Skin, Nose & Paw Balms protect, soothe and moisturise all year round!. They are 100% vegan, unscented, fast-absorbing and natural. The balms can be used in the summer months to protect the snout and outer ear areas from UVA and UVB rays, as well as any exposed skin; and in the winter period to protect a dog’s soft pads on ice and salted pavements. Perfect for paw massages and pawdicures!

Hownd Miracle Conditioner

Hownd Miracle Conditioning Repair Masque 

Miracle Conditioner significantly improves coat manageability, detangling and is a perfect intensive conditioning and repair treatment for all coats of all breeds. Active conditioning ingredients, nutrients and vitamins will help transform any dry or damaged coat, giving you a silky sleek show-ready finish. This luxurious deep conditioning repair treatment with Lily of the Valley, Orange essential oils and Amber for a truly lush fragrance. Miracle Conditioner is vegan, and of course Cruelty-Free certified. Combined with antioxidants to fight free radicals, these will help improve brushing and detangling, reduce brittleness and breakage and sooth dry irritated skin.

Hownd Whitening & Brightening Treatment 
Miracle White & Bright Colour Enhancing Conditioning Shampoo is specially formulated for all coat colours of all breeds. It is a natural alternative to chemically treated whitening and brightening products. Made with botanical extracts, Miracle White & Bright contains ZERO bleaches, chemical dyes or optical brighteners. This wonder product effectively neutralises discolorations and removes staining, the kind way. It is wheat free and Vegan, and of course Cruelty-Free certified.

Hownd Green Tea & Chamomile Face Mask
Miracle Face Scrub & Natural Tear Stain Treatment is a magical 2-in-1 tear-free, wheat-free face scrub and pH balanced treatment that safely removes dirt and discolorations from the face and ears. It is the new natural solution to removing stubborn tear stains too. Like its sister product – HOWND Miracle White & Bright –  our new face scrub uses ingredients extracted from Green Tea, as well as a Vegan alternative to Keratin, and botanical extracts.







*On selected Hownd add on treatments when purchased along side and used with a full groom or hydrobath on the same dog or cat.

The Hownd Collection

At Cuts4Scruffs we pride ourselves in giving the best service possible to your pet(s)! This also includes all equipment and products used in our salon! This is why we use Hownd's professional grooming range of spa treatments to make your pet feel and smell amazing. 

Hownd products also help us create a better tomorrow by committing to products which are derived from ethical sources, all made and package in the UK, 100% recyclable, ethical award winner, leaping bunny stamped and cruelty free, no harsh chemicals, instead natural ingredients and made by pet lovers.

If you want even more Hownd love why not add some Hownd spa treatments to your pets groom or hydrobath? 

Only £5 Extra Per Treatment (3for2)*

Hownd Bright White Buddy.jpg
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