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Our Policy

At CUTS4SCRUFFS our policy was made with the best intentions. It is in place to protect your pet and to give them the best grooming experience possible. It helps us protect the groomer aswell as ensuring all customers receive a great service. When you arrive at CUTS4SCRUFFS, you will be required to sign the policy below - please read through carefully.


* I will be punctual to drop and collect my pet at the given times.

*I agree to the 48 hour cancellation policy and understand the charges

*I will inform of any changes to mine or my pets info

*I understand Cuts4Scruffs will take all due care in their power for the safety and happiness of my pet but cannot always prevent unforeseen accidents

*If my pet has fleas, I agree to the £5 charge.

*I will inform on collection if I am unhappy with the service provided

*I agree to Cuts4Scruffs humanity over vanity policy and understand if my dog is extremely matted, these matts will have to be shaved away very short, but If I am contactable, I will be informed in advance by a Cuts4Scruffs employee.

*I will be available via my given contact number at all time during my pets stay.



I request that the grooming be completed in accordance with my instructions but understand that whilst every effort is made to produce the visual effect that I expect this may not be as I had mentally visualised. If I am unhappy for any reason, and would like something adjusted, I will make Cuts4Scruffs aware when I pick-up my pet from his/her appointment, and they will be happy to make any adjustments. Once, however, I take my pet home from the appointment, I will have to book them in for a new time-slot for adjustments. I agree that Cuts4Scruffs can take photos/videos of my pet and use them for advertising/social media. I understand that if any aggressive behaviour is shown by my pet then restraints (e.g. muzzle), will be used in the grooming process for safety. In extreme conditions the grooming process will be stopped, and I accept the fee will still be payable. I understand that difficult dogs may not always be groomed to a high standard as safety and welfare will always be put first. I, the owner, MUST inform Cuts4Scruffs if my pet bites, has bitten, is aggressive, unpredictable and/or has any other behavioural issues. If I fail to notify Cuts4Scruffs of any potential danger or behavioural issue, I can and will be liable for all medical fees, out of work compensation, as well as any and all property damage. I understand that if my pet has a severely matted coat, it will require a short clip and that Cuts4Scruffs cannot brush out a coat that is already severely matted due to the stress and the pain it will undoubtedly cause my pet. I agree to pay any charges for this. I am aware that neglect of my pet’s coat can be a cause for problems after grooming such as clipper/brush irritation or pre-existing problems "uncovered" by clipping off a badly matted, neglected coat. Cuts4Scruffs have explained to me the issues with shaving a double coated breed but I understand if the pets coat is in a very bad condition (matted or compacted undercoat) the only option is to shave it off. If I, as the owner, own a double coated breed of good condition but still request that it be shaved or is necessary due to matting/health then I cannot hold Cuts4Scruffs or any employee responsible for any issues that occur from this. I agree that in extreme circumstances and emergencies, for example a Cuts4Scruffs employee being rushed to hospital, my pet will be left unattended (maybe with other pets) in the locked salon until another employee can arrive at the shop. In the event of a natural disaster e.g. fire, flood, earthquake etc, I am aware that Cuts4Scruffs employees will do their very best to move customers and their pets to safety however this cannot always be possible and I understand that injuries/death can occur because of this and that Cuts4Scruffs cannot be held responsible.  I understand I will be informed of any situation as soon is possible for the employee. I understand and am aware that all due care will be taken with my pet for the safety of the pet and the groomer. I understand if my pet is wiggly or does not remain still during grooming, accidents can happen such as cuts/scrapes from clippers or scissors. I further understand and agree to indemnity and hold harmless Cuts4Scruffs, its owner, employees and affiliates from and against any and all liabilities, expenses, damages, and costs, including reasonable attorney fees, resulting from any service provided or injury including death to your pet(s) whether in our care or after our services have been completed without 100% proof of negligence by Cuts4Scruffs. I understand that Cuts4Scruffs does not offer a day-care service and I must drop my pet off on time as well as collecting them on time, making sure they are wearing a suitable and correctly fitting collar/harness and lead to prevent escape. For full day treatments such as the full day spa package, I will arrange for an emergency contact that can collect my pet if necessary. I agree that if I cannot be contacted in an emergency and if I do not have a vet or my vet cannot be contacted, Cuts4Scruffs will contact their own vets and unless it can be shown that Cuts4Scruffs are liable, all costs in connection and in carrying out this instruction will be at my own expense. If my pet has fleas, I agree to the £5 charge. I understand that Cuts4Scruffs cannot perform deep ear plucking, micro-chipping or anal gland checks as this is classed as a medical procedure by the RCVS, and there may also be times when a groom cannot be started/continued due to health concerns and the pet will be referred to a vet. Any advice given by Cuts4Scruffs employees relating to your pets health/medical condition, should at all times be checked by a licensed vet before following the advice.Cuts4Scruffs will use different shampoos/products and give treats to my pet. I understand that if I have objections to this, I need to inform Cuts4Scruffs before the groom and Cuts4Scruffs cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions to products/treats. Grooming of all pets is entirely at the owner’s risk. I certify that I am the pet’s owner and have the authority to execute this consent. I accept responsibility for the fee charged (which may be different to that originally quoted due to matting, aggression etc) and agree to pay this on collection. I agree to pay a £20 deposit for my first appointment or if I haven’t used Cuts4Scruffs for over a year. If I cancel /don’t show for my appointment and have not given a minimum of 48hrs notice, I will loose my deposit and to book my next appointment I will have to pay another deposit.  However there are certain circumstances that may fall outside of this process which should be discussed directly with Zoe Lane. If I arrive more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, without contacting Cuts4Scruffs, the appointment will have to be rescheduled and I will be required to pay the cancellation fee. I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge and agree that all the information provided is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I further acknowledge and agree I have read, understand and agree to all terms and conditions. I, the customer, will notify Cuts4Scruffs on my next visits, if any information changes regarding the condition or health of my pet, or my personnel details.

Hownd add on spa treatments T&C's: 3 for 2 offer on selected Hownd add on treatments when purchased along side and used with a full groom or hydrobath on the same dog or cat. 
All spa add on treatment may require other paid for services along side, For example you must purchase a bath or fullgroom to have a conditioner add on treatment. 


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