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Qualifications and Insurance

At Cuts4Scruffs we strive to achieve the very best and are constantly working hard to develop our business. Here is a list of the qualifications our groomers have achieved and details of our insurance so you can be assured your pets are in the best of hands. We also believe grooming should be an enjoyable experience for your pets and something they should look forward to; we have provided some information on why Cuts4Scruffs are a cut above the rest and how we create the friendly, relaxed environment that your pet needs!

Dog Grooming Certificate 2
Qualifications / Experience
  • Level 4 Diploma In Dog Grooming with a Distinction

  • Level 3 OCN Diploma in Dog Grooming

  • Level 2 City & Guilds Dog Grooming

  • Level 3 Diploma in Animal Management with a Double Distinction*

  • Membership for the National UK Therapists Register for Canine Myotherapy/Massage

  • Diploma in Canine Myotherapy with a Distinction

  • Level 4 Pet First Aid with a Distinction

  • Level 3 Pet First Aid Diploma

  • Covid 19 Certification for Professional Pet Groomers

  • Barbicide Disinfection & Sterilising Qualification

  • Certification in Emmi Pet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning


Zoe, the founder, has been running Cuts4Scruffs, grooming dogs and cats since December 2015. Since then she has gained experience in grooming with many different breeds, needs and temperaments. After much hard work, in June 2017, Zoe successfully opened her own grooming Salon under Cuts4Scruffs and now even offers spa treatments and relaxing therapies! Since this, Cuts4Scruffs has continued to thrive and Zoe has employed staff with the same love and passion for animals that she has, all with a wealth of experience and high level qualifications as well as undertaking a thorough development program to train to the highest of standards.

In 2023 we added an extra fantastic service for our lovely pet customers. All our staff undertook training to become qualified in Emmi Pet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning. This service has proved very popular and the results have been amazing in curing and preventing pets dental issues. The Cuts4Scruffs team are always dedicated to continuing their training and development and this is one of the many courses we have done to help improve our service and skills.


How do you pick the best groomer for you and your pet? Pick one that's fully insured! Here at Cuts4Scruffs we are insured with the UKs leading Pet Business Insurance provider in order to protect your pet and give them a safe and enjoyable grooming experience and also to give you piece of mind. You'll know that your pets are being cared for in a professional and safe, but friendly environment and you no longer have to worry about the trip to the groomers! Now it can be an experience that not only your pet enjoys but also a service that you can be pleased with. 

Cuts4Scruffs has been approved by BIGA (British Isles Grooming Association)! 

BIGA is an Associate Member of the Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG) which works with Government to advise about changes within the pet industry (eg. regulation of grooming businesses). This means Cuts4Scruffs will be made aware of any rule changes within the pet grooming industry, giving you peace of mind that Cuts4Scruffs is following the correct code of practice now and into the future.

Cuts4Scruffs is proud to be part of the FSB!

You may ask why is this important for your dog or cat groomer to have?

Being part of the Federation of Small Business helps guarantee the service you are using is following up to date UK laws, whether this is following simple health and safety rules, to ensuring all our clients are covered under the data protection act. We feel its extremely important that we follow the rules and regulations aswel as providing an amazing 5* service!

For more information about the FSB visit

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An Enjoyable Experience!


At Cuts4Scruffs we understand that all animals are very different and some may not enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy corporate groomers. We provide a stress free environment for your pets to make grooming an enjoyable experience!


We do not put your pets in cages - instead they are allowed to relax on a comfy bed or play with toys whilst they await your return. We never overbook, meaning there will never be a vast amount of animals in the salon or chaotic situations which can be stressful for some. To keep your pets comfortable, we also never separate dogs/cats from the same family.


At Cuts4Scruffs we truly care about your pets and give them one to one attention whilst grooming, never using force and providing a fun/relaxing service so they can become excited over visiting us again!

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Safety & Regulations

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